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A message from our lead creator


David Badillo

Along with his four children and his wife Ann-Linet, David is the founding Pastor of RED Church Lehigh Valley, a young church plant serving the Lehigh Valley community in Northeast Pennsylvania.  As a bi-vocational pastor, David serves full time in the marketplace as an expert in education non-profit partnerships.  When he is not in the marketplace, you can find him devoting his time to his family and church community.  David is a gifted teacher and speaker who dreams of empowering every day people to read their bible every day.

For many of us, reading the Bible can seem like a very daunting task. For years I struggled with reading God's word consistently, and as I got to know more and more fellow believers, I quickly realized that I was not the only one experiencing this challenge. This eventually pushed me to search for national statistics concerning bible literacy in America, and the statistics that I came across were alarming. The data showed that a whopping 6 in 10 Christians don't read or barely read their bibles! I knew I had to do something; I felt God wanted me to be a part of the solution.

I created RED Bible Plans to contribute to solving the problem of bible illiteracy in our society. Bible reading is a discipline that will challenge all of us, and having a reading tool that can provide just enough guidance to build confidence and courage to get more people to read scripture, will serve God's Kingdom well. Whether you are new to bible reading or a seasoned veteran, these plans will walk you through God's word, providing room for the Holy Spirit to speak directly into your life and teach you according to your unique personal experience and perspective. I hope that these plans will cultivate a new love and drive for reading the Bible. Jesus said, "man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God," so I invite you to download one of our plans and begin your journey today!

B I B L E  P L A N  S T R U C T U R E


Each plan is prepared with a reading schedule that focuses within pacing of 1-2 

chapters per day.  The number of chapters per day usually depends on which books of the Bible are being featured.




Each day readers will be asked to identify and highlight one bible verse that sticks out most during their reading.  Along with daily verses, an activity will be assigned for each day. From factual research to personal reflection, the activities provide a diverse studying approach that will keep readers engaged through plan completion.



The objective of our reading plans is to be a driving force for seekers and believers from diverse contexts to read their bibles consistently.  The plan relies more on guided self-reflection to lead plan followers through each chapter, reading through with their own personal context and experiences, theological commentary will play a secondary role and this has been done by design.



Our bible plans will always be available to the public for FREE, however, we do require folks to create an account with us to allow access to our bible plans.  There is no cost to account creation.  Now for those members who would like to access our latest bible plans with early access, they can choose to support our work via Patreon and have access to our bible plan premiers as well as exclusive access to join our bible reading community group, where David and our creative team will lead patrons through our latest bible plan with coaching, inspiration, and motivation!

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