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3X  B I B L E  P R O G R E S S  T R A C K E R

Reading the entire bible can seem as a daunting task, but with the right organization tool that can provide guidance and motivation, you can finally be on your way to conquering your bible reading goals!  With our progress tracker, you can read through the bible up to three times with categorical tracking through both the old and testament, and as a bonus, we even through in a Psalms tracker.  Learn more by watching the video below and submit your email to receive your free download!

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Click the excel file for FREE    download!


B I B L E  R E A D I N G  L A U N C H  L A B  F O R  C H U R C H E S

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Are you a church leader passionate about motivating your members to read the bible?  Want to launch RED Bible Plans with momentum and a solid foundation of the importance of scripture reading?  You can request to have our founder, David Badillo deliver a virtual or in-person workshop/lab experience that will engage and equip your leadership or congregation, positioning them for a successful year of scripture reading in context to the use of our reading plans.  Complete our booking request form here.


  • Bible Reading By the Numbers - The Problem and Opportunity

  • The Transformational Power of God's Word

  • RED Bible Plan Deep Dive

    •  Reading Plan Components

    • Pacing and Interpretation

    • How to Study

  • Reading Sequencing - Which Books and in what Order?

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